Virtual Neurophysiology Workbench

The DIY Brain Lab! Developed to improve the accessibility of neuroscience education.

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Agar for Brain:
     This is what we use, though you can use any agar or gelatin material you would like.  If you would like to use exactly what we use, it may be          
     cheaper at your local Asian food market.  
          Silicone Brain Mold:
               Any 1-2 quart container will work, but if you want to pretend you're recording from a real brain, this is the one we've got! 


For answers to questions regarding experiments and other information presented as part of the Virtual Neurophysiology Workbench, we encourage you to go to the Q&A forums and take part in discussions with your peers.  There are separate forums for general questions and for troubleshooting various issues.

For all other inquiries please email Christopher Butson, PhD at or Shana Black at 

Thank you for your interest!