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General QA
Please submit any questions you have about our experiments or any of the information presented on this site and we will attempt to answer all questions to the best of our ability. For answers to questions about specific experiments (Workbench labs or user submissions), please select the experiment title from the menu. Users are encouraged to answer others' questions and promote scientific discussion.
Please submit and questions and/or issues that you may be having with software, models, making your agar brains, using your own brain, or any other problems you are having with your neuroscience endeavors. If the problem is specific to a Workbench or user submitted experiment, please select the relevant title from the dropdown menu. Users are encouraged to assist each other and promote scientific discussion.
Instructions for Submitting Experiments
Please provide a description of your experiment telling others how it is performed as well as a brief summary of your results. Upload all relevant model files and code in a compressed folder. Indicate any software used in addition to what is used in the Virtual Neurophysiology Workbench videos. After you have uploaded your experiment, questions in the Q&A forum can be linked to your experiment by the title you provide. You may opt to receive an email notification when a user submits a question about your experiment or specify that you would not like to be contacted. Any insight you can provide others who may be having issues, although not required, is much appreciated! Thank you for your submission! We are excited to see what you have developed!


For answers to questions regarding experiments and other information presented as part of the Virtual Neurophysiology Workbench, we encourage you to go to the Q&A forums and take part in discussions with your peers.  There are separate forums for general questions and for troubleshooting various issues.

For all other inquiries please email Christopher Butson, PhD at or Shana Black at 

Thank you for your interest!